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Thomas Damon


Hi, I’m Thomas Damonprofile picture of Thomas Damon B2B Software Copywriter

What makes me different? Unlike most copywriters who only have a communications background, I’m trained both as a programmer and a writer. In fact, I was a working programmer for 35 years. I understand software. I know what companies look for when making a decision to buy. That means I can translate the jargon to write clear, targeted content that works well with your marketing.

No-Jargon Zone

Some of the most frustrating times of my programming career came from jargon in vendor marketing material. I understood just fine, but my non-technical bosses couldn’t. That made it pretty hard to sell, even when it was obviously the best solution.

So, I translated for them. I provided jargon-free “marketing” materials internally when the vendor couldn’t.

Happily, this approach worked. I helped establish  a group that recommended enterprise software purchases. Upper management listened to us. They sent vendors to us for vetting.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the decision-makers could easily understand your marketing materials? I can work directly with your team to understand your product and your promise. Then, they can get back to work hacking programs while I hack the words.

Thomas Damon: Nerd, Writer

Back in high school, you could usually find me in one of two places: the computer lab or the newspaper office. I loved both.  When it came time to choose a career, I chose programming. It paid better than writing.

My writing skills got more use than you’d expect during my programming career. Writing specifications, user manuals, project plans, and other materials came naturally. This got me some pretty choice assignments, because few programmers can really write well.

These days, almost everyone keeps a computer in their pocket. But, the engineers responsible for creating this world speak their own language. The rest of the world can’t understand them. So, I decided to combine my favorite high school subjects and write about technology.


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