Thomas Damon - B2B Software Copywriter

Looking for a B2B Software Copywriter? Call me for jargon-free web content, case studies, and white papers.

Thomas Damon


You need a B2B software copywriter that understands the business

Is your web site bringing in enough customers? I was a working programmer for 35 years. That means I can work with your team and distill their knowledge into powerful sales copy.

Here’s how I can help:

Deliver Potential Customers

When your potential customers search online, are they likely to find you? Once they find you, will they stick around? If you think your website could perform better, give me a call. I’ll do a quick review with you and give you some free tips for improvement. For a more in-depth report,  you can order a full 35 point marketing audit.

Create Brand Awareness

Convincing white papers and case studies will cement your brand in the readers mind. These reports provide insight into how your product works, and how it helps real customers. Newsletters and blog posts are another way to keep you in front of your prospective customers.

Keep People Interested

If your web site is boring or confusing, your prospect will simply move on. Likewise if there’s nothing new to look at. I can create fresh, high-quality content that will hook people and keep them coming back for more!

If you’re looking for a copywriter who understands the B2B software business, contact me.

Thomas Damon


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